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The easy way towards you dream-vacation on the philippines !

suggested Airline

Banca from Batangas
to Puerto Galera

Service Bus of the german guesthouse

This sign will be waiting for you

Daily, several airlines of Europe fly to Manila with stops in the Emirates, Hong Kong, Bangkok Singapore, or other stops. Whoever likes it less stressful and would likes more experience, they can book an stopover program with Emirates, one of the best Airlines of the world, and an interruption until 72 hours stay in Dubai, visa free. It is very much, very commendable, particularly for older or disabled people. The flight time becomes practically split and the program is organized very well. They picked up you in the airport and also they bring you back. Learn and find out the Arabic world of their lovable side, because Dubai is an indescribably beautiful experience.

Arrived in Manila, you have two possibilities:

1.) You drive with a taxi to the City State Tower Hotel, because the SiKat tourist bus is going in the morning at 8:00 o’clock from there in 2 hours time to the harbour of Batangas, and from there further with the ferry in 1 hours time to Puerto Galera. In the same hotel, you also get the tickets for bus and ferry.

The City State Tower Hotel offers also a service to pick you up at the airport. In the bus and on the ferry, they offered drinks and sandwiches. From all tourism-islands is the island Mindoro Oriental the best to reach.

If you have a booking for the “Garden of Tabinay” we pick you up at the pier in Puerto Galera, free of charge.

2.) you books into the German guest house in Manila (FlyundCamp@aol.com) and can get a pickup service at the airport or you take a Taxi to go there. You get the address with a booking for the " Garden of Tabinay ". The guest house offers also the best and most affordable daily trip-program on the main-island Luzon. One week in the guest house with breakfast and dinner and with a excursion program and the remained time of your vacation to recovery in the "Garden of Tabinay” is the perfect adventure and vacation.

Where to books or to inform ?

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5203 Puerto Galera,
Or. Mindoro P.O. Box 30 4 32

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